zekkyoupanda: ayy my nigga why is that anon sucking you? i want to suck you too //wink wonk



Shhhh, Ras, don’t listen to him

"Ahh… Please don’t do that, sir!"

"… It’s weird."

— Anonymous: Give strawberry shortcake chan a kiss


"I’m not much of a kisser, sir, sorry! (And who’s Strawberry Shortcake…)"

— Anonymous: *leaves hat and quietly tip toes away*



Headcanon Ras singing

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— Anonymous: can you drive. i know a guy who wants to sell this giant truck of his for cheap and thought that maybe you could drive.


"Does that count, sir?"

— Anonymous: Do you want some hones tea ? *evil grin*


"Tea…? Tea! I don’t think I’ve ever had tea before, sir! What’s it taste like?"

Ask box open!

((I might not be as speedy as before, but I think I have enough free time to do asks again! ‘v’))

EDIT: I forgot to mention this, but tumblr actually wiped out my ask box a week or so ago! So if you sent an ask before that you want me to reply to, feel free to resend it!



*smashes head through your window*

"Knives are dangerous, sir!"


”’Ahhhhhhh-?’ Did ya prick yerself, sir?? I think I got a bandaid on me somewhere…!”



A silly little thing from the sentimental Ras Mun

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