he’s easily the most positive oc that I have

481 plays



I have a huge crush on Ras

Stop bothering Ras. The dude clearly doesn’t appreciate what you are doing.

I… don’t understand what’s happening… (T▽T)


If this post get 50 notes Ras WILL SAY HOW LONG IS HIS DICK



i was gonna go to bed bu t

[internal screaming]

[M!Satan: 2/10]


Ras is so cute when he is  horny! I LOVE YOU RAS DON’T HIDE YOUR BONER


”?? ?”

It’s sure nice to see Reese and Pizza gettin along! ( ´ ▽ ` )

One more week! ‘v’)9

((Hey, guys! Mod here! Just one more week until my summer vacation! So expect to see ask blog activity return soon! I’m pretty weak when it comes to going on hiatuses, so you can always find me lingering on my ooc and main blogs! 

Also, the ask box remains open, so you can still send asks if you want! uvu

And if I sent an ask to you that you’d like me to reply too, feel free to let me know. I’ll do my best!

Thank you for your patience! I look forward to getting back into the groove again!))

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